Youth Education


The Jewish Studies Cheder Programme engages students in learning about Jewish studies within the context of broader life and their positions in it. The lessons are dynamic, all inclusive and function with incredible open mindedness towards anything that is contributed in class.

The students range in ages of approximately 8 to 14. Although the lesson content and dynamics seem to stretch the mind, they are age and range appropriate. We are grateful for the privilege of working with the students present and for the opportunity in working with such a marvellous community. The atmosphere is always palpable and makes Shabbat mornings more special by being part of it.

We are also running a weekly class for bar/bat mitzvah aged youth exploring Jewish Idenity.

If you are interested for your child please contact us at

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Children Hebrew

Through out the year, depending on demand we run hebrew classes for children using the Eizeh Kef Hebrew language programme.

This is currently running for bar/bat mitzvah aged youth.