Would you prefer to receive our newsletter by email? Free Birkbeck University lecture this and next week.

We currently send out our newsletter in paper hard copy form and based on feedback from the community, we wanted to see if anyone who currently receives the newsletter by post would prefer to receive our newsletter via email. If you would prefer to receive an email copy of our newsletter, please fill out this form here. If you do not currently receive our newsletter and would like to, please contact Ashleigh the Administrator.

There are now no Come Learn sessions until the autumn, but there are free lectures happening at Birkbeck University of London over the next couple of weeks which may be of interest to members and friends:

Tomorrow, Tuesday 26th June at 6:30pm Professor Lewis Gordon of University of Connecticut gives a lecture that addresses the question of Jews of Colour: Race and Afro-Jewishness. Full details and booking information can be found on Birkbeck University’s website here.

On Wednesday 4th July at 6:30pm Professor Santiago Slabodsky of Hofstra University – New York gives a lecture on Decolonial Judaism: Jews, Antisemitism and the Global South. Full details and booking information can also be found for this event on Birkbeck University’s website here.

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