Imogen Resnick - Co-chair

“I was elected as co-Chair in July, after previously serving on the MC for a year from July 2021. Before that, I was Kehillah’s Zoom Cheder teacher during Covid. If you see me around, please come and say hello! I grew up in Nottingham in a Liberal Shul before moving to London some years ago, where I studied Jewish and Middle Eastern history at university. I became involved in progressive Jewish life on campus and then active in Israel/Palestine advocacy for a few years before rediscovering my desire to be connected to a local community. I joined Kehillah because it is a wonderfully diverse, open space where people are free to be themselves and express their Jewish identity in their own way. As co-Chair, I want to better put Kehillah ‘on the map’ – I want us to grow as a community, attracting more members with our positive reputation for inclusivity and diversity. Over the next year, we want to better develop our vision for how we will grow as a community, consulting with you – our kehillah (community in Hebrew) – on what kind of synagogue you want to be. Do we want to focus on community-building? Tzedakah? Interfaith work? Activism? What are our values as a community and what’s our strategy to grow? I’ll be leading on this work with Rabbi Leah, but we’d love for more people to get involved with planning how we’ll consult with you. If you’re interested, get in touch with me on