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Fran Kurlansky

“”Hello, Kehillah! My name is Fran Kurlansky, and I work as a child and family social worker in Tower Hamlets. I am a Queer South Londoner and I recently wrote an MA dissertation on the intersections of Queerness and Yiddish for my Jewish Studies course. In my spare time I love playing football for Brockwell Bullets, hanging out with my cat Babka, cooking ridiculously elaborate meals for my partner to clean up, and dancing with friends at Dalston Superstore. You may have seen me on the Bimah during the High Holidays singing my heart out with Robin! I got involved with the management committee after my adult Bat Mitzvah last summer and greatly enjoy helping to keep the community trundling along (and the other committee member’s fabulous cooking). Please do come and say hello if you see me around, and any other South Londoners: let’s start a Friday Night dinner club!””