Ba’alei Tefillah in our Kehillah

Services in our Kehillah may be led by our rabbi, or one of our five ba’alei tefillah, community members have undergone a course of study with the support of Liberal Judaism, to take services, read and chant Torah and give divrei Torah. We are proud to have the biggest team of trained leaders of any progressive synagogue in the UK: this reflects our ethos of empowerment and Jewish learning.

Michael Lomotey says…

I joined Kehillah, or NLPJC as it was then called, to move closer to my Jewish heritage and in order that my children had access to the culture if they chose to know more. I admire the community and wanted to give something back by training as a lay leader, a Ba’al Tefillah. It has certainly been worth it as I am now proud to be part of an unfolding of history and enjoy contributing to Kehillah. Personally I have gained strength, experience, learning and understand more about what it means to be a good Jew; it has given me more commitment to my heritage and shored up my resolve. Netanel Ben Yarden (Michael Lomotey)