Tonight we welcome Rabbi Leah with our Shavuot celebrations!

  • Tikkun Leil Shavuot & welcome to Rabbi Leah Jordan – Tonight, Thursday 28th May 7:30pm onwards

Join us tonight for a Shavuot study session on the theme of Journeys. Rabbi Leah will lead text study, we will have creative activities and meditation led by our environmental group, and some Shavuot-themed music with our member Rebekka — and then from about 9pm the room will be left open for a chance for us to catch up and eat some cheesecake together. Meeting ID 885-3082-3893.

Please do have some pencil and paper nearby for the creative activity.  There is also a minhag (tradition) to decorate our homes and sanctuaries with flowers – so we invite you to have some in the background to help beautify our zoom room.
The text study is is on a Google Doc here.
Why not try making this vegan cheesecake recipe in advance?

  • More Shavuot learning with Rabbi Leah tomorrow morning, Friday 29th May – 11am-noon.

Rabbi Leah will be teaching a session called “The Torah We Inherit: Rebellion and Subversion” for Judaism Unbound’s 24-hour Shavuot Live. Full details on the JewishLive website.

  • Candle lighting – Tomorrow Friday 29th May – from 7pm

We will have another short candle-lighting to bring in shabbat on Friday 29th May 7pm-8pm, with candles at 7:30pm. With both Rabbi Danny Rich and our new leader Rabbi Leah Jordan. It will be a nice oportunity to thank Rabbi Danny for being our interim Rabbi and meet Rabbi Leah! Meeting ID 899-668-970

  • Shabbat Yoga – This Saturday, 30th May – 11am

Back by popular demand, Yoga for Shabbat at 11am-12noon with our member Miriam. Stretch, breathe and be with yourself with other members. Meeting ID 899-668-970

  • Cheder continues!

Cheder for our 10-13 year olds continues Saturday 30th May with Rabbi Leah. 1pm-2pm on Zoom. Contact Omar for zoom room details and if your 10-13 year old is not yet registered and wants to join.

  • Next Shabbat Morning Service, our first with Rabbi Leah – Saturday 6th June – starting 11am

We will gather for our Zoom Shabbat Morning service, Meeting ID 840-9516-1772, where we will be joined for the first time by Rabbi Leah Jordan. Join us for a morning of prayer, Torah reading, song and reflection led mainly by our lay prayer leaders. Stay as long as you like after the service for zoom chat.

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