a message from Rabbi Leah Jordan:


As Kehillah North London, we are a community of diverse political opinions on all things, including Israel-Palestine.

And in this hour, we are absolutely united in our prayers as a Kehillah for a whole and enduring peace, a peace based on justice, safety and dignity for all in Israel-Palestine. Our hearts break for our loved ones there — and for those whom we do not know — who are in fear and danger right now. May El Maleh Rachamim — God, who is full of Compassion, and who sees each and every individual human soul in need — spread the shelter of peace over all Palestinians and Israelis in the land between the river and the sea.

And may we here in London (especially our young people), who are now confronted with an intensification of antisemitism and Islamophobia from our peers and communities, ignited by the violence in Israel-Palestine, feel safe and grounded in our community. And may we continue to work hard for our Kehillah to be a place where our young people, and all of us, can find support and comfort during difficult times.