Falling at the end of the autumn high holidays, Simchat Torah in the progressive tradition falls on the seventh day of Sukkot. It is both an ending and a beginning, as the service includes a celebratory reading of both the very last portion of the Torah, and the very beginning.

The entire ethos of our community is summed up in this special service. Accompanied by live music, dancing, and adults and children partying together, everybody in the community is called to the recite a blessing for reading the Torah. At least eight different memebrs will read a portion of the Torah on this night, many for the very first time. Last year we unrolled the entire scroll, with every one of our members holding it aloft.

The service takes place at night, and towards the end, we will leave the building to dance together under the stars. We end with a festival Kiddush of wine, whiskey, food and cakes.