Shabbat Services

Come shabbes with me

Periodically Kehillah members will host Friday night meals.Look out for the dates on our Upcoming Events calendar and via our twice-weekly blog.  If you are a member and you want to come along to an advertised Friday night, please contact us at

If you are a member and would like to host, email our administrator at When you have chosen your date we will publicise it on the website calendar and blog with an indication of the area where you live.

Erev Shabbat

Shabbat shalom! Once a month we hold a short erev shabbat service at our Stoke Newington base. A time to unwind and reflect at the end of the week, you can arrive from 6 to start at 6.30 and we aim to finish by 7.30. All welcome. Look out for the dates on our Upcoming Events calendar and via our twice-weekly blog.

Shabbat morning service

Everyone is welcome at our Shabbat morning services starting at 11am, followed by a community Kiddush. 

Where are services held?
As the New Community Rooms are under refurbishment at least until March of 2020, we are temporarily holding most of our regular services at: William Patten Primary School, Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington, London N16 0NX

What are services like?
Our services include both Hebrew and English.  We sing traditional, familliar Shabbat melodies and explore new tunes.

What happens at Kiddush?
We recite the blessing of the wine/grape juice and challah. We encourage all community members to bring vegetarian snacks to share.

Can I bring my children?

Children are always welcome.  Cheder and children’s hebrew classes are held, starting from 11am.  Creche is held on the first service of the month starting at 11am.

Can my non-Jewish family member/friend attend services?
We welcome our members’ friends and family.​