Our Community

two man with raincoats

Omar & Robert

In 2015, when deciding to get married and continue to build a Jewish household, we searched for a Jewish community that reflected who we are

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woman with a black jumper

A Founding Member

Much to my mother’s horror I decided to make my life “back in the smoke” rather than remain in the tranquil leafy outer suburb. After

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Caroline Elton

Caroline E.

I started coming to Kehillah when my daughter joined and soon afterwards decided to leave the synagogue which I’d been a member of for many

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Benji L.

I joined Kehillah in 2017 together with my wife Miranda, and we love the community for its inclusivity, positivity and eccentricity!  I joined the management

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Robin S.

After three and a half years as chair and currently as treasurer, I’m looking forward to discovering what role I might develop as a committee

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