We love welcoming new members to our community. You bring us new ideas, new talents, and fresh perspectives – our life blood. Joining us gives you a stake in our future. And an opportunity to explore your Jewish identity, and to learn about Jewish thought, culture and heritage. Perhaps most importantly it gives you a whole community of people to share your Jewish life with.

For some of us, joining a Jewish community is a very big step. That’s why we like people to get to know us first. And we make sure that when you join us, we do everything we can to help you get to know people and to enjoy being part of the community.

Please contact Cantor Tamara Wolfson at to learn more about becoming a member of Kehillah North London.

Membership Fees

We have an ethical approach to membership and the costs of joining our Kehillah. We aim to be fair to everyone, and we never want money to be a barrier to anyone taking part in our Kehillah. If you would like to join our community but would find the below rates a financially unmanageable, please contact our administrator and we will take your circumstances into consideration.

Individual membership = £335.00 (concession £167.00)
Household membership = £670.00 (concession £335.00)

Higher Rate Tax Payers pay an additional £85.00 for Individual membership or £170.00 per Household membership.

Membership can be paid as a lump sum or in twelve instalments over the year.

If you would like to join the Burial Scheme you will need to pay an additional £72.30 per person.

Ways to pay:

You can pay for membership in a number of ways:

• Annually by cheque or bank transfer. Cheques should be made payable to “Kehillah North London”.
• Monthly or quarterly by Standing Order. Please contact our administrator for our bank details or if you need a standing order mandate form to send to your bank at