Next Creche is on the 6th June and 4th July

Hi there, my name is Anna and I have been the volunteer creche leader for 10 years at Kehillah.

Every month on the first Saturday I get to stick, paint, draw, build, read, dress up and play with the younger children in the community and their parents for an hour and a half.  It’s fabulous!!!

Why don’t you come and join us?  You can be any age up to about 6.  You will need to bring a parent with you at first who can help us out till we get to know you, and two pounds to cover snacks and materials.  We’ll usually do something creative, often connected to the Jewish holidays or other themes.

Sometimes we bake, we might dress up and practice a play or a story and we often show the adults in the community what we have been up to at Kiddush.  Do come and join in with the fun, would love to meet you.

Please do tell your adult to come find me one Saturday if you’d like to know more!

Need to know

Want to see if our creche is right for your family? Come and say hi during our next shabbat service.