If you are thinking about the process of conversion, even if you are unsure and want to find out more, get in touch with our rabbi. She will listen to you; help you to understand the process, and be honest in telling you right away about what might be the best next steps, including the prospect of circumcision for men.

Once it seems as though converting to Judaism is right for you, our rabbi will open a file for you at the Liberal Beit Din. You will need to come regularly to Shabbat and festival services for a minimum of twelve months; the period is usually around a year and a half, or more. You will learn to read classical Hebrew, follow services and recite blessings for festivals and Shabbat in your home.

It’s not as hard as you think! You will come to a year of adult education classes to learn about how to live a Jewish life, about our history, our festivals, our theology, and our Big Ideas. You will come to play an active part in our community and make friends here.

Once both our rabbi and your feel you are ready, she will invite you to write two essays for submission to our Beit Din. A date will be fixed some months in advance. On the day itself, you will go before the three rabbis of the Beit Din, with our rabbi’s support and hopefully the support of your own friends and future family. Although not strictly a requirement, all of the people in our community who convert immerse in the mikvah. Finally, we will welcome you as a member of our Kehillah on a Shabbat morning following your conversion.

Converting to Judaism is not about essentially changing who you are (though it may well do that), but more significantly it is about joining a people, entering a stream of Jewish history, and about belonging.