Call for volunteers to help us develop our inclusive, diverse and anti-racist Cheder curriculum

We recently received funding from Liberal Judaism to develop an inclusive, diverse, and anti-racist Cheder curriculum that uplifts the voices and histories of Jews who have traditionally been marginalised with British Jewry.

Early ideas include teaching Black, Mizrahi, Sephardic, LGBTQ+, and women’s Jewish history, ensuring that festivals and traditions are not Ashkenazi-centric, exploring disability justice – such as art projects to design physically accessible synagogues, and developing other creative ways to embed positive change and expose young people to the rich diversity of Jews and Judaism.

The exciting project is being led by Kehillah but is intended to benefit the entire LJ community – and beyond. However, it is an ambitious task and we are therefore looking for members who could volunteer to support us. Do get in touch if you have particular skills in curriculum development, education, relevant subject knowledge or experience, or are generally enthusiastic about the project and want to contribute – please drop Imogen Resnick our cheder teacher an email: