Adult Education

Come Learn with us

Through out the years, in our adult education classes (‘Come Learn With Us’), we explore torah and other aspects of Jewish life.

Rabbi Danny Rich is currently leading these sessions on Resiliance and Recovery. Expect classical Mishnah, medieval midrash, contemporary thought and our own reflections.

You can email Rabbi Danny to let him know you are coming and he will send you all the texts in advance. Alternatively a link to each Session’s materials is below:

Session 1 materials

Session 2 materials

Session 3 materials

Current sessions are open to all members of Liberal Judaism and donations to Kehillah North London welcome.

Come Learn With Me will also continue with our new leader Rabbi Leah Jordan after she arrives with us on 28th May.

Previous classes included a thee week course titled “Abominable Texts? – Homosexuality in Rabbinic Writings” in April, where we took fresh look at key texts in the Talmud and later Rabbinic writings about male and female homosexuality and same-sex marriage. We also had a 3-session Shabbat Song Sharing in December. This musical-educational-liturgical series covered the melodies we know and love to sing on Shabbat, as well as some lesser-known or new-to-us favourites. Sessions on “Trans-formations: The multiple genders of the Talmud”, about the space our texts create for trans, non-binary and queer people today, took place in March


We have a strong commitment to teaching and learning bliblical Hebrew, for participating in the life of our Kehillah and for understanding the stories and texts in our rich and varied traditions. Through out the year,  we hold Hebrew classes at the beginners and intermediate levels,  Hebrew classes have progressed to the advanced grammar level in some years.  If you are interested in taking a hebrew class with us please contact us at