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Message from our Co-Chairs on violence in Israel & Gaza

This is a deeply saddening and distressing period in Israel/Palestine. Our hearts are broken from the news that hundreds of Israeli civilians have been murdered or taken as hostages in Hamas’ attacks. We know that this is an anxious time for the many Kehillah members with friends and family in Israel: our thoughts are with you. As a community, we have each other for support – please check in on and reach out to one another for comfort. We are dismayed at the escalation of violence – including civilian deaths in Gaza – and pray for its swift end, along with peace for all Israelis and Palestinians.

High Holidays – Chag Sameach!


A message from our Racial Justice Group in regards to the violence in Jerusalem.

A message from Rabbi Leah Jordan during these difficult times. 


Kehillah North London is a thriving and diverse Jewish community, based in Stoke Newington. We are proud of our inclusive, friendly and innovative approach to building an intergenerational Jewish community. We are from many different Jewish backgrounds. Our community and leaders include Mizrahi, Sephardi, and Ashkenazi Jews, Jews of Colour, Black Jews, Latinx/Latino Jews, Asian Jews, mixed-heritage Jews and their non-Jewish families and chosen families, people who were born Jewish and Jews by choice. Children and adults of all ages are welcome and involved. Most importantly, we seek to ensure that no one is marginalised, and where we miss the mark in achieving this important goal, we commit to keep learning and continue getting there.