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As Kehillah North London, we stand in solidarity with the Black community in demanding justice.


Kehillah North London is a thriving and diverse Jewish community, based in Stoke Newington. We are proud of our inclusive, friendly and innovative approach to building a Jewish community. We particularly like the fact that we come from many different Jewish backgrounds, and that many of us are in mixed relationships. Our community and leaders include Mizrachi, Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews, Jews of Colour, Black Jews, Latinx Jews, Asian Jews, mixed-heritage Jews and their non-Jewish families and chosen families, people who were born Jewish and Jews by choice.

Where do we meet

We currently meet mostly online. We are increasing our presence with additional events, some with Rabbi Leah Jordan & some member-led.

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Upcoming Events

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3rd March 2021
6th March 2021
7th March 2021
10th March 2021