Mazal Tov!

Your wedding is the first step in your future as a married couple. Every decision you make, and how you make it, reflects how you will deal with the challenges of the future.

A Jewish wedding can take place either in our regular venue, or at a venue you choose, and can take place in the evening or outdoors. Today, both same- sex and heterosexual couples can marry in our Kehillah. As in all other synagogues, weddings in our community, are performed by our rabbi, and overseen by our Marriage Secretary, who handles the civil or legal aspects of your wedding.

A Jewish wedding is essentially contracted by the two partners present. They enter the chuppah, the wedding canopy supported on four poles, and either one or two rings are given and received, to signal the willingness of each partner to enter into the betrothal. They drink from two cups of wine during the ceremony, once to signal the betrothal and again to signal joy at celebration of the marriage through the seven wedding blessings. The contemporary Liberal Judaism ketubah, or marriage document, is read to everyone present: an egalitarian promise by both partners to love support, honour and sustain each other.

The Jewish wedding grows out of a rich and interesting history, and our rabbi works with each couple over a series of meetings so that they fully understand it and can together make key decisions about what will happen on the day.

If you are part of a couple where one member is not Jewish, we will work with you creatively. If you are planning a civil ceremony, we will work with you to bring your Jewish values, beliefs, and your vision of Jewishness in your relationship and family into the wedding day itself.

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The New Community Rooms, Spensley Walk, Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 9ES.

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A Prayer for London

Eternal God, now more than ever do we understand that everyone of us is connected, none of us is alone. None of us untouched by the suffering in our city, in London. Our ears are filled with the sounds of sirens, our eyes and minds are full of the sight of terrible terrible suffering. None of us is left untouched. We think of those who lost their lives in Grenfell tower. They and their families are like us and our grandparents and parents. They came here for a better life and a life of peace. We think about the terrible wounds, and the terrible deaths of those in Borough Market and London Bridge, and Westminster, and now outside the Finsbury Park Mosque and we search for the courage it takes to carry on. To live with such loss and such pain. Give us the courage to fight for what is right, and the gentleness to be open to our grief, and let every scar that we Londoners must bear, be one day part of what will make us strong, and let us say, amen.

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Kehillah North London
(Formerly North London Progressive Jewish Community)

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Covent Garden
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Tel: +44 (0)20 8123 5752
Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu: 020 7403 3779

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