Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu

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I have just celebrated ten years as a rabbi and eleven serving our Kehillah. I think that there are very few Jewish communities as adventurous, as caring, and as committed to putting our ethics into real life practice. I grew up in the mainstream Orthodox community; where I never saw a girl or woman do anything other than prepare kiddush: food and drinks for after the service. When I was in my early twenties I saw young women in my family begin to play an active role in their synagogues, but only once everyone had signalled that the formal prayers were concluded. It is a privilege to be able to study and lead, and to see women and men, boys and girls, find their place in the Kehillah.

My overriding joy is in learning and teaching, whether it is the alphabet to our six year olds or Talmud to our adults. Actually, teaching Talmud to children is also fun too!

I am also a lecturer at Leo Baeck College, London, where I have the pleasure of teaching and learning from the next generation of rabbis. My own Jewish background means that I strongly feel the interconnectedness of all the Jewish people, to create an open and inclusive community which respects and supports the many Jews today whose partners are not Jewish, and who want to find their own way in the Jewish world.
I share my life with my partner Rebekka and our two children.

Where we are

Services are held at: 

The New Community Rooms, Spensley Walk, Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 9ES.

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A Prayer for London

Eternal God, now more than ever do we understand that everyone of us is connected, none of us is alone. None of us untouched by the suffering in our city, in London. Our ears are filled with the sounds of sirens, our eyes and minds are full of the sight of terrible terrible suffering. None of us is left untouched. We think of those who lost their lives in Grenfell tower. They and their families are like us and our grandparents and parents. They came here for a better life and a life of peace. We think about the terrible wounds, and the terrible deaths of those in Borough Market and London Bridge, and Westminster, and now outside the Finsbury Park Mosque and we search for the courage it takes to carry on. To live with such loss and such pain. Give us the courage to fight for what is right, and the gentleness to be open to our grief, and let every scar that we Londoners must bear, be one day part of what will make us strong, and let us say, amen.

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Kehillah North London
(Formerly North London Progressive Jewish Community)

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Covent Garden
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