A message after Manchester

As the rabbi of our community, it feels very important to write after the terrible events at the Ariane Grande concert in Manchester earlier this week. Our Jewish tradition is full of words, ritual and language for describing our experiences and for marking our losses. Yet even a culture such as ours sometimes lacks the words to speak of the reality that we face. I suppose that is realistic. Our world is not the world of our ancestors, not exactly, and so we in every generation will need to find the language and the tools to deal with our own reality. Looking back over this past week, there is only a visual memory…the faces of those young people, and their parents. Their sense of excitement, their special occasion. How can we respond to this pain, to this terrible communal loss? I wish that we too could place candle where they were lost, or to stand with the crowd and sing, and give each other strength. But Manchester is quite far away.

We will have to gather up our courage to carry on with our lives, to push aside the everyday anxieties, large and small. This is a very important time to be available to the young people in our community in particular, because however hard it is for us as adults to think about this terrible attack, it was in a way an attack all the more on them, on their dreams and on the things they love. Perhaps more than ever we will have to dig deep into our own Jewish resilience, and remember, as far as we can, our capacity to focus on life. Using our rituals and our blessings to acknowledge the holiness of all of life, and the language of our progressive traditions to face up to the brutal reality of these destructive and death-dealing ideologies. I hope that you have a peaceful Shabbat.

Shavuot and Innovation Shabbat next week

Don’t forget, the final Come Learn With Me session of our current adult education season is tonight at the New Community Rooms. There will be a beginners’ Hebrew session at 6:30pm followed by learning on Shavuot as a model of marriage from 7:30pm.   Next week is a busy one for the community! As ever, fullContinue Reading

Kehillah Pride: a date for your diary

On Sunday 18th June, we’ll be having an intergenerational LGBT tea: Pride, a celebration of genuine community, and an exploration of the fascinating differences in LGBT lives across the Kehillah generations. How do we live our lives? What do we think about marriage? Children? How do shifting patterns in our understanding of gender affect who we are? LedContinue Reading

Join us to learn about Torah and Shavuot this week

Our Come Learn with Me adult education session this Wednesday 17th will be discussing Torah and Shavuot: 6:30-7:30pm Hebrew for Beginners – It’s not too late to join our friendly class, and learn from scratch or remember that rusty Hebrew. 7:30-9:30pm Torah and Shavuot… what is Torah and where does it come from? Grappling with this philosophical, spiritualContinue Reading

Lag B’Omer Innovation Shabbat this week

Don’t forget we’ve got Come Shabbes with Me Friday night dinners in Stoke Newington and Archway tomorrow evening (12th May), taking place in members’ homes. Please contact us if you’re a member and would like to come along.   This Shabbat we have a special Innovation Shabbat for Lag b’Omer, the 33rd day between Pesach, a festival ofContinue Reading

This Week and Beyond

10th May Come Learn with Me (next session 17th May) 6:30pm Beginner’s Hebrew 7:30 pm Understanding Jewish Time: the Mystery of the Jewish Calendar, the Sun/Moon and the Omer Period. All welcome. For cost please see the learning page on the Kehillah website 12th May Come Shabbes with Me, Friday night dinners in Stoke NewingtonContinue Reading

Some dates for your diary

Tonight, we have our second adult education session of the Spring: 6:30-7:30 Beginner’s Hebrew – it’s not too late to join! 7:30-9pm A History of Israel in a Row of Objects How to Understand Israel today? Like any other reality, the story teller with always have a bias. In this session we will explore Israel asContinue Reading

Coming up in May 2017

We hope you can join us for our Come Shabbes with Me Friday night service and potluck vegetarian kiddush at the New Community Rooms tomorrow (Friday 28th April) from 6:30pm  – hope to see you there!   Thanks to those who came to our first Come Learn with Me adult education session of this Spring last night. If youContinue Reading

Come Learn With Us Spring 2017

Our Come Learn with Me adult educations sessions return this month to the New Community Rooms on Wednesday evenings. The sessions are for everyone in our Kehillah, and each has content which works at different levels. They will give you a thorough grounding in Jewish ideas, and a chance to build string relationships with otherContinue Reading

Join us for Shabbat this week

We hope you can come to our morning service this coming Shabbat – please note that it is on the fourth rather than the third Shabbat of the month. Shabbat 22nd April 2017 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm at the New Community Rooms, Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 9ES 10am – 11am: Hebrew forContinue Reading

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