The birth of a baby is often a kind of turning point for new parents in relation to their own valuesand their own identity. Many prospective parents get in touch when they want to discuss big Jewish questions such as, ‘will by child be considered to be a Jew if the mother or father is not Jewish?’ and ‘what about circumcision?’

Rabbi Shulamit is always available to non-members as well as members for discussion and information at this point. Kehillah North London follows principles laid out by Liberal Judaism and its Beit Din, and we will explain these so that you can make an informed decision about your child’s Jewish status and upbringing in the Jewish community.

We will also put you in touch with our members with babies in your immediate neighbourhood, as becoming a parent is often the time for putting down roots and making local friends.

Our crèche is a great place to bring babies, from birth onwards, and many new parents spend the morning at crèche getting to others in our community. You are welcome to breast feed during all Kehillah activities and religious services.

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